Oh Smaug, the Stupendous

Sherlock is in editing, school started, jobs started pouring in, work began, summer ended and I have had enough break from blogging. Here I am, breathing out like the dragons curling under piles of gold, coming back to the world.

Trailers are like adrenaline shots. They’re short, they slap you, they get the blood pumping and the mind at full capacity and, once the effect is done, you are left exhausted, bloody and depressed. But how can you not be, when we have finally heard Benedict Cumberbatch’s Smaug voice?!!!


Sir Ian McKellen had announced last night that he, together with Orlando Bloom, shall announce a new trailer this morning. Well, I guess for some people, it was still AM, but here is was full afternoon when the fandoms and the internet came to life.

Audiomachine is blazing in the background, in a brilliant mix of “Land of Shadows” and “Destiny Awaits”. Taking us back through the breath-taking landscapes of New Zee… I mean, Middle-Earth, this short masterpiece was more centered on plot than on atmosphere. Though there was plenty of that as well. It is very different from the first Hobbit film however. I don’t know how obvious it is, but this trailer feels just so much more mature. Whether it is the appearance of Legolas and the much-needed romance with Tauriel (in which Lord of the Rings Appendix did she appear?) or Thorin’s ever more paranoid voice, his thirst for gold replacing that of vengeance, Bilbo’s fear, Thranduil’s words or just the pure majestic ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR breaking our sound systems right at the end of it, we can see that the plot only now begins to reveal its complexities and beauty.


Seeing the visual mastery that never ceases to surprise me, the nostalgia of the Lord of the Rings era is unmistakable. The new shots of Erebor and the beauty that is Mirkwood, dark and twisted as it is, call back to Helm’s Deep and Fangorn, while the whole Tauriel plot seems to lead to more than just a romantic involvement. It is obvious that she is a brilliant fighter, but to think that she is able to influence Legolas into choosing a side opposite to that of his father only makes her more (if you will allow the word) badass.

To quote the OneRing.net, it is clear how much Bilbo has grown in the dwarves’ eyes. Balin no longer looks at him as a burglar, but as a person, a companion worth dying for. He will definitely come into his own rights, now that he shall face the mighty Smaug, but I would like to take a moment to discuss Thorin. In the first Hobbit film, we see him as the heroic figure, as the Aragorn with short legs and better hair. Now, that he is only inches away from his homeland, something very dangerous happens to him. His vengeance is close at hand, his gold is back, his family is still dead. The readers will know what it is. I won’t spoil much, only that Smaug may not be the only villain by the end of this film.

1381523_331206910358659_1242832452_nAnd no, I’m not talking about Sauron. Oh yes, the one-eyed criminal has returned. Gandalf seems to foresee the events of Lord of the Rings when he says “We have been blinded. And in our blindness, the enemy has returned.” Palantiri, anyone? The Ring plot returns, the orcs return in their more mature form, the imminent downfall of life returns, in the idea of being expanded in the LotR trilogy. Humans finally return and it promises to be an epic fight (readers, hold your fangirling) for supremacy, especially since the skin-changer Beor and the Will-Turner look-alike Bard the Bowman were brilliant characters in the books.

But that is just momentary evil. At the very end, the darkness we have been begging for since June has decided to blast our ears and hearts out with the bass line. For the first time until December, Smaug has found his voice in Benedict’s interpretation, a breath-taking performance, reminiscent of Islington’s quiet menace. Here, it just explodes into fire and rage, a greedy creature of the dark that we love more than the heroes.

Since my Sherlock ringtones were extremely successful, here you have some eargasms with Smaug’s full speech:

If you just want bits and pieces of it for ringtones (as they have already become on my phone), here you have them all, including the full trailer if you want to listen to the brilliant score.

1379398_331206987025318_424788759_nI had fangirling attacks while watching the trailer. My parents wondered whether some guy had asked me out or something, but only winning a competition would have felt as exhilarating. That’s why fandoms are the fuel of teenage life. It’s the excitement, the expectation. You hold your breath with 20 million people, you cry with them, you laugh with them. It’s this huge collective that awaits the same thing and reacts in so many different ways.

Poor unimaginative people. They must lead such boring lives, away from our magic.


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