Knowing vs Guessing

The Guardian is a brilliant newspaper. I deeply respect their writers, for giving me some of the most thought-provoking articles online. Being as big as they are, it was only natural that they would have representatives at the Toronto International Film Festival, which I have already covered, following Benedict’s movie premiere of The Fifth Estate.

While their article is professional and balanced, as all their work is, I am currently boiling due to the sheer idiocy streaming in the comments. For those who have read my work, you have noticed that I keep the fangirl in me at bay, because, like Lynnette Porter, I know that you need to see all sides of everything before sharing an opinion. She started a debate by presenting all the evidence and letting the fans and everyone else decide for themselves on what they believed.


The Guardian did the same, but the comments section was flooded not by remarks or facts, but by people mocking the director’s work, Ben’s comments on Assange’s personality and even (that got me mad) his acting abilities. They mocked the Sherlock fans, they compared us to a certain type of fangirls that have a B-name and I find that to be quite offensive, considering the base material. We are psychotic, but that’s the joy of feeling. That’s the joy of being human and being young and being able to be happy about something with so many other people. We love such a smart series and we become, admit it or not, more and more like our best characters. I’m sorry if you have found our happiness annoying, but I’m sorry for your life being so dull.

You talk of a movie you never saw, of a man you never met, of a type of bravery you couldn’t even dream to have.

Another philosopher found himself sharing this piece of wisdom on Ben’s Khan. “Verging on not good in Star Trek”. Human, you name Meryl Streep a legend and therefore admire a good performance, but your defense against a fan’s reply only makes you sound like a snob. What do you think makes a good villain, Hugo Weaving with red paint on his face? Star Trek may not be a very good movie, but if there is one thing to save it, it’s Benedict’s performance. The phrase “I’ll see you try and do better” makes no sense, but I ask you again: what makes a villain perfect, since you are so much against a man who has portrayed a certain type of evil so ingeniously?

Ben did talk of Assange’s self-sacrifice and I do not believe that a guy sitting on his couch is in a position to just criticize the words said by a man that has studied Julian for months through every means possible. When you will have done the same, when you will have backed up your words with something little and interesting called “proof”, I shall take you into consideration.


Those people talked of Assange and of his work for the world as if they had been brothers and had shared every feeling and every piece of knowledge since the beginning of time. They trivialized it, they made it look as if publishing 90,000 military documents is something that they would have done before their first cup of coffee. Who are we to curse a man for revealing the deepest secrets of the United States, when so few of us would have even dared to stand against NSA’s surveillance? You talk of Snowden for running away to stay alive and call him names when that man sacrificed all basic comforts, the first of which is safety, for your sake.

What is your goal?


Yes, I am defending this whole business. I like being the lawyer when the prosecutors hid underneath the veil of the internet. You call men cowards and all you do is leave dark words by fake names. You are incognito and no man shall ever try to find you. Why should we? But if you are as smart as you think you are, if you are as smart as reading The Guardian or the Times implies you may be, do the world a favor and think before you write, read before you curse and just shut the hell up if you can’t do any of those things.

Thank you and get off the internet.


One thought on “Knowing vs Guessing

  1. I agree totally with your post. Always remember, the media is never always focused on cold, hard facts. They only wish to give you an image of what they want you to see, and many just see it as an opportunity to tear down a popular celebrity and disguise it as news. Rarely is media ever totally unbiased. As for commentors in comment sections, many just like stirring the pot. All of that “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” stuff goes out the window. Some people want to argue, they get off on it, and they know they will get a rise out of someone who will feel the need to fire back and defend their view or defend their favorite celebrity. And yes, they will make comments about people or events they know nothing about. So easy to do when you’re anonymous. Personally, I look forward to seeing Benedict’s latest performance as I am a huge fan and have yet to see him flounder in a role, as well as seeing the movie for the movie itself and form my own conclusions about the subject matter. I would never make an assumption on a movie before I see it for myself. Comment sections on articles I have learned to merely read them for entertainment purposes only, as I have rarely found intelligent comments.

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