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I love film festivals, I would love to got to one. I couldn’t even go to the one 6 hours drive from me, but I would have flown for a day just to get to Canada.

TIFF has opened up last night, with the man of the moment, our Benedict Cumberbatch, and the film we are all craving to see, “The Fifth Estate”.

1235225_172906109559518_1986216670_nThe evening was starting nicely enough, celebrities and film directors and people of all ranges of importance in the biggest films that are to be released came and entered.

And then, Whoooosh! A wave of screaming, fangirling and screaming again ran through the crowd and made the voices of the photographers resemble the ones of birds in a thunderstorm.

Benedict made his way down the Red Carpet accompanied by his agent, I presume, and the chanting of his fans, all bent over the parapet, trying to convince him to give them an autograph. Pretty normal reaction, I would say. And since later on, the brilliant man actually stopped and signed books and posters and God knows what else and took pictures with his Cumberladies, I say I would have paid all it took just to be there. There was a girl with a huge banner behind here saying “I love BeN movies!” and the twitter account. How much did that girl pay to get that in?


People around the world managed to see the Red Carpet walk live, thanks to various streaming websites. My time-zone (and family) forbade me however. 2AM here was more than I could manage, but thankfully, all my friends, Facebook admins, have kindly started TIFF spams early in the morning, so I was able to not miss a thing.

Ben was also accompanied by his fellow cast members, Daniel Bruhl, the brilliant German actor, and Carice van Houten, who is by this hour celebrating her birthday. Happy name day, Mellisandre!

Also joining on the Red Carpet was actress Glenn Close (I can’t believe that woman doesn’t have one Oscar already), Tom Berenger, Anton Yelchin (Chekov! Nice to see you here!), Mia Wasikowka and Tom Hiddleston. Yep, apparently the dashing man decided to meet Ben in Toronto as well.

1175663_160048947533633_712936693_nAlso movie director and Academy Award-winner Bill Condon also made an appearance in Toronto, alongside screenwriter Josh Singer. I’m sure Bill is used to the flashing and the extravaganza of film festivals, but I just can’t imagine how fantastic it must feel for him, for Ben, for everyone, to be the center of attention and to be a part of the movie that opens one of the biggest festivals in the world.

As I’m writing, a Fifth Estate featurette came out. I won’t dissect it again, I already did a full review. The Telegraph had people at the festival, watching the film and, while reviews on its integrity and accuracy may be mixed, Benedict performance has already received universal acclaim. From his accent to his manners, from his posture to his words, everything about Ben becomes Assange.

1278192_160030850868776_1300580063_nI had the weirdest moment watching Julian giving his real speech, looking and moving the exact same way Ben did in the trailer. I couldn’t believe how well it had been performed. And the beauty is Benedict made it look effortless. It didn’t look rehearsed, it didn’t look copied. It was just him.. Him and his power.

He just got a BAFTA, the Oscar is just one government approval away.


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