Neutron Cream Prank

Simon Pegg, you are a master prankster! An absolute genius!

Honestly, my day has just been improved one billion times after watching this.

Neutron-CreamAs many of you know, Ben and, as I now find out, many other cast members were pranked into believing that there were harmful rays on set and that the only way to protect themselves was by using Neutron Cream. Nivea in a labeled bottle.

It’s just brilliant how Simon managed to convince the crew to play along. The set manager, with his bouncing thing, telling Zoe to do that… Oh God, I haven’t had such a good laugh in ages! Zach was dying behind her and she was just jumping up and down, thinking it will protect her.

How To Proceed:

  1. Purchase cream.
  2. Place aforementioned cream in a different bottle/container/anything that can hold and label it Neutron Cream.
  3. Get friends or victims or both to a place with lasers.
  4. Get a PhD on lasers and rays.
  5. Convince everybody that they will get burned unless they wear the before mentioned cream.
  6. Also mention that hopping around will clean them of the damaging ions.
  7. Repeat.
  8. Step #4 not compulsory.

Everybody was in their costumes, Zach as Spock, Ben as Khan, Zoe as Uhura. All those mature looking gentlemen and ladies, all prepared to face death and not allow themselves to be trampled by the powerful… Fooled by a Brit with a bottle of cream.

fig,slate,mens,ffffff.u1Karl Urban and John Cho, reading the cards. PROMOTIONAL OFFER FOR NEUTRON CREAM! Come and get it while it’s still unknown. Karl’s hidden F-word when the word “HAD” came up on the prompter, all hand-written and colourful and John’s surprise were priceless! Kuddos to the cameramen, they did a great job with all the angles and everything. Remind me to hire them to film my behind-the-scenes.

But then came Benedict. The sweet, fresh in Hollywood British gentleman, all nice and careful. If we are to take Simon’s word for it, the poor man was actually freaked out. Can you imagine Ben running around, asking people if they had applied Neutron Cream on, wanting to make sure they were all safe?

1828_425457424227370_1067665364_n“No, miss, I am not kidding. There are these rays that the lasers shoot and they can be quite harmful for the skin. Yes, the cream is compulsory. Yes, just dots will suffice.”

All that, with his brilliantly deep voice. The image is just too adorable.

Nothing tops his reaction though.

It’s a known fact that no man in existence ever read the Terms and Requirements. A man as busy as Ben most likely had just glanced over the document, signed it and felt protected.

But nobody is safe for the wrath of the Peggnado!

In a brilliant plot twist, the crew had Ben read the paper and when he got to the part “emollient known as Neutron Cream does not exist…. WHAT??!!”

Haaaaaaaaaaaa. I just wanted to hug him and laugh till my lungs left my body. He was so sweet and so innocent on set. Our dear Sherlock, you’ve just got pranked.

People had fun.

Because that’s what people DO!!!


Watching the guys running around, laughing their lungs out, I couldn’t help wishing to be there with them. It looked like so much fun! And JJ was there with them all along, maintaining the prank alive!

I have said it and I’ll say it again.

The Neutron Cream Prank will go in history as the best behind-the-scenes prank ever!

I might just play this on my own set. How much did it cost to rent that building with the lasers again?


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