Just the Two of Us

No, no, no, no, no,no, not yet, no, no, no, no…. MOVE, YOU BLOODY COMPUTER! RUN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT AND IT DOES!!!



OK, first things first, here is the beautiful piece of art named a BBC Promo.


1238182_359571960840318_1924486953_nAbsolutely stunning as a piece of editing and it really got me curious about all the other shows as well. But this trailer, this trailer, this trailer………….

Oh. My. God!!!

It’s like the tried to make the perfect combination of tears and excessive use of Benedict’s bass chords.

Just the two of us against the rest of the world.

With Brennisteinn by Sigur Rós filling our every pore with their epicness, this trailer led us to Sherlock glancing over London from the rooftop of the Department for Energy and Climate Change, on 55 Whitehall. Same shot as in Skyfall, the guardian in a time of war, with the people silently awakening to a brand new world. He looks sad and alone, but there is determination on his face and I believe this will be a scene long after his reveal of not-being-dead.

More scenes with musketeers and Oh! David Tennant! And then. BAAAMMM! Benedict starts talking.

The Thrill of the Chase, your Blood pumping through your Veins.

Motorcyles around London, Benedict’s jaguar voice breaking our heart cords. And a new scene, which I have just noticed, shows Mary on the back of a motorcycle with what looks to be Sherlock. Is that Sherlock?1175046_171787789671350_1936245423_n

I can’t really think John knows how to drive one of those. He may have been in the military, but that is not a designated asset. Plus, Benedict is a biker. Everybody knows that. They may have done this specially for him. *Just found a tweet. Yep, that’s Benedict.

But why are they on a motorbike? This has to be from either The Sign of Three or from His Last Vow. I can’t really see where it would fit in the first, mainly because in canon, Mary wasn’t exactly chased by anyone. Was there an attack at 221B?

They are driving at high speed, down stairs. That must have been one hell of a night, with all the stunts and training it required. They are flying to get somewhere really, really fast. Was John hurt somewhere? It’s the two people that John loves most in the world that come running for him, so I’m pretty sure that’s the truth. Sherlock wanted to make sure Mary was OK as well, so he took her on board. They were going to get there a lot faster anyway.

But why do I keep on having the feeling that something horrible will happen to Mary and, thus, to Sherlock at the end of this chase?

I think that she will die. And I fear that she will die in Sherlock’s place and that will add more pain to his wounds. I can’t be sure. But if that is the truth, I can’t imagine how Martin must have felt filming those scenes. Amanda is his wife, for God’s Sake. Moffat wrote the last episode, but even he can’t be that evil. Can he?

But that won’t happen. Episode 3 had just finished filming. They wouldn’t have had time to edit the clips, even for a trailer. So… the first or second episode it is.


But in the end, it’s Just the two of us against the rest of the world.

Ok, when I heard that (better said read, since it took me a while to find the trailer and facebook was faster. Thank you, Sherlock pages!), I literally collapsed and my fingers were typing desperately, while I was whispering “No, no, no..” over and over again. I was in shock. I feared that these words would lead to that ending that we all feared. But now, I can’t even contain all the fangirl feels that corrupt me. I want to jump up and down on St Barts and fly away.

That little phrase not only shows us that Sherlock still believes that everything will be alright, but it also suggests that John isn’t at his best point to hear that. Sherlock’s lip is cut, so this scene must be very soon after the restaurant punch. When he appeared. When he told John that he wasn’t dead. When all hell broke loose, the way it has broken on Tumblr and every social media you can think of.


We got 3, no, 4 new scenes and the Reichenbach fall. WHY??!! Why the fall? Why? Well, I think that’s a pretty good clue that the thing that we will discover at the end of episode one is how Sherlock faked his death. I don’t think they’ll put it very close to the beginning. Let’s say… Middle? Yeah, much better.

And they are already giffed? Oh my, isn’t this fandom fast as a bullet…

Enjoy the feels and the fangirling, guys! May we survive until January and prosper till the end.

Just the two of us against the rest of the world…

I need my purple blanket. I’ll be in my mind palace, guys.


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