The Beacons of Tomorrow

So the one thing that can get me out of summer-hangover and sadness and boredom and lack of creative writing is this. This. THIS PICTURE!!

Sherlock, my sharp Assassin, the defeater of death.

BTAfAHcCUAEnQRjTOMORROW!!! We are getting a trailer tomorrow!!!

Excitement, that’s what feeds my power to be effective. Give me news, give me inspiration, give me Sherlock!

Yes, I feel bloody inspired now. Ready to start a whole rampage of deductions based on three pictures.

So, we’ll be getting a full trailer. No more a teaser with 6 shots, a real beautiful perfect trailer, 3 minutes and 20 seconds in length? Well, one may hope so, but that is more likely to be the hour at which this photograph was taken.

This picture will be at the very start of the trailer and it shows Sherlock back in the place, at the height of his fall, in a place that looks very much like the roof of St. Barts. But it isn’t. Looks more like Florence than London, actually.


 Yep, 3:19 is definitely the hour. And it’s definitely London.

I don’t know where he is, though. It’s on the same shore of the Thames as the Big Ben, but I’m not sure. It’s definitely somewhere past the bridge that leads to a park that leads to London Eye. Any extra information here would be desirable.

The lone protector, watching over his home and over the friends he has lost. It’s a cold shot, both through the colours and the filming style. It’s so lonely. I keep on seeing that that is what I love so much at the series. Yes, it’s weird, but I love how well they show the loneliness. They don’t talk and no lines are written, but you see the pain on their faces, the pain of being alone. There are many topics that stir my interest, but loneliness has to be the one I can connect to most easily.

And Benedict takes Sherlock’s feelings to a whole different level.

BTAUn0TCAAIhGR5Ok, so after contemplating London, Sherlock meets John.


It won’t be an actual trailer, more like a part of a promo for the BBC. But a scene is a scene and joy is joy. I just hope they won’t limit their release to the 3 scenes I just showed you.

God no.

BBC, you had your toll with me and Doctor Who, don’t do it again. Again.

And thank you, Tigra, for refreshing my memory. Not only is Sherlock looking over London like the badass that he is, he also stands in an almost identical position as the world’s other most famous British saviour, good ol’ James Bond.


We, the fans of everything British salute this wonderful memento. It actually makes Sherlock even more awesome. Him being almost like the Robin to Bond’s Batman. Sort of.

Skyfall may not have been the masterpiece Sherlock is, but it was an improvement. Thank God for the Dark Knight.

*One hour later



I love you too, random citizen for asking that marvelous question. You have just spared us of hours and hours of tossing and turning and crying over the uncertainty.


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