A Whovian’s Feels

A week of cleaning up the house was also a week of discovery. You wondered why I had disappeared so suddenly?

Because of this.


Yes, lads and lassies, this Sherlockian has started watching Doctor Who. And she is now on the verge of a mental breakdown.

It just seems so unfair for the BBC to keep on making brilliant shows just so they can rip our brains and hearts out during the season finale.

It did that and I was supposed to write this last night, when the Doctor had to leave Rose behind. That scene, that moment when the two of them were pressed against the same wall in parallel worlds, that made me sob. Actually sob. When Sherlock fell, quoting my friend Catherine here, I cried little sad tears. But now it was like my lungs couldn’t stop and I stood awake for two hours, looking at the ceiling and listening to the dogs fighting God knows where on the street.


That is what I call fantastic television.

Now, to be completely honest, while Doctor Who is a wonderful show, it’s not Sherlock. It’s not as complex in words and as logical as our beloved detective story and it has moments where it seems downright childish.

But that’s the whole joy of it. It’s not the cool kid of the bunch. Doctor Who is the mad man in a blue box, travelling around the galaxy and making us dream of better lives that we shall one day have.

This is not a review, not until I haven’t finished all seasons, but I wanted to share it with you. Because that’s the whole point of a blog, isn’t it? Inflicting your opinions on a willing world.

Thank you for having read everything else this week. It’s nice to see that I have an audience. 🙂 May it be of 10 people or 1000. If you can make yourself listened, that’s all that matters. And I thank you for that.


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