photo 2 (2)I hate being bored! It’s worse than… Ok, I’ve had worse days, but please, something, somebody, get me out of this state.

The suicide poem is in no way how I feel. Often. But I need distractions, I need something to put me back on track. I wanted to go back to work, but all I could do was listen to music, audiobooks, watch short films and read. I can’t even pull myself together to watch a movie. I am that bored. I’ve been deducing the hell out of people for the last two days, even participated in a FB deducing project (which was a lot of fun). And still…

It’s the virtual reality. It’s my objective personality kicking in desperately, trying to push my conscious self out of my mind. My own brain turning against me in these days. Hurrah for the quirky cyborg.


I finished one of the most important books of Romanian literature and I’m thanking all the Gods and Saints in Heaven for ending it. It was an ordeal. Beautifully written, but with such one-dimensional characters at times, I felt I was going to scream. After a Dance with Dragons, I wanted to rip John’s head off his shoulders and slap some sense into him. It was like reading chapters with Joffrey in them all over again.

Don’t get me too wrong though. Some characters are really well created and the plot is interesting. The Romanian-Hungarian relationship is very well treated, but left unfinished. The land obsession is mentioned, developed, then forgotten. The love is described very well (perhaps the only intense thing), the suicide scene is brilliant. Strangely enough, the only scene that almost ripped some tears out of me. There were sadder ones, but….

It felt like he got bored of writing, like the book was no longer that interesting. I don’t know how many years had passed between the writing of chapter one and the writing of chapter last, but if it had been written very fast, then, Boy, you have a short memory.

I knew some stuff about it and I had pretty high expectations. Even the writing let me down from time to time. The difference between Ion and Morometii is staggering. The latter was not only intense, but with such unique characters, I could help myself laughing and Ion Moromete’s brilliant replies and thoughts. Beautifully written and very well developed plot line. The climax arch is balanced, the characters have powerful motivations, the foreshadowing is very subtle. That was a great book. Ion is somewhere between average and good. The main character will annoy me till the end of my days, his beast-like behaviour and thinking, his stupidity, his degrading mind….

I would have killed him 3 pages in.

It would have been a lot more interesting to read in flashback.


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