Sherlock. Is. Back.

Sherlockology is down for the moment and I am an emotional wreck. I am wrapped up in my purple blanket, the colour of Sherlock’s shirt and all I want is to sob uncontrollably until my eyes are red and raw and my hands shake. I want to cry, but I’ve been in too much control for the past couple of months to sob now.

I. Can’t.

I can’t, it’s like my eyes are dry on the inside.

photo (35)And I’m not even the only bloody one. The live-streaming was full, the internet was full, BBC must have reached a hit audience tonight. We are sado-masochists, to force upon ourselves the pain of Reichenbach… for A PREVIEW OF SEASON THREE!!!!!!

I really got you there, didn’t I? I’d go through the whole Stormy Sea and all of Valyria, Mount Doom and Erebor again. I’d do that if what awaited me at the end is what I got. I would have.

But there’s no more reason on troubling myself with such things.

We got our preview!!!!!!

Sherlockology is down. How insane is that? How insane is the fandom, to take down one of the most popular websites of our generation? How many could we possibly be? Lots, apparently.

Sorry for being incoherent, I’m happy and elated and I’m texting my best friend to wake up and watch it, even if it’s past midnight here. It’s… I’m happy. All there is to say.


Sherlock is coming back. Mrs. Hudson is calm, everybody seems to be noticing him and by the way they look, poor Lestrade has put on some weight and some more grey hair, Mycroft isn’t even surprised and John…. John is waiting for his date. And by the way he is dressed, it is not Sherlock. And by Sherlock’s face, he didn’t know that there was even the slightest possibility of another date. Poor man, coming back from the dead and realizing his best friend has a loved one.

Following the filmed scenes on the Internet, I have a hunch John will punch him outside the restaurant. He’ll punch him hard in the nose. The Chief Superintendent shall be pleased.

Happy now, guys? Happy? Elated?



We’re BACK, BABY!!!!!


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