Come and Play with Us, Mr. Moffat

Come and play with our emotions for the next year. Come. I dare you to.

photo 3

After all the games you have played with us, Mr. Moffat and dear BBC, this one is just a dull, boring and predictable way to keep your precious daily doses of fan tears at maximum capacity. You’ll starve without them, wouldn’t you?

I find it most amusing how they chose to mix the intro, the thread of every single new adventure with the Greenwich pips sign from The Great Game. Seems a bit like trying to make us remember the good old days, right.

Also, what was the big thing that came? Well, we found out who the villain will be. Mr. Charles Augustus Magnussen, the King of Blackmailers in Doyle’s universe, set to be interpreted by none other but the great Lars Mikkelsen. No, not Mads. Any Hannibal fans around? Yep, that guy’s brother. Christmas must be quite interesting. Have I tried to kill you today? No, but I salted your toes last night. The Chardonay was in the cellar. Mind if I bring it now? Mind if I call my snipers?

photo 2

Obviously. It’s freaking Sherlock. This was on Tuesday. Now, I was in the country at the time, but strapped to the chair and stuffed under tons of bags, as I was smuggled from the capital and back to my house. Yes, my ordeal with Mr. Moffat came to an end without any meeting whatsoever. I’ll tell you all about it. Soon.

But on Tuesday… Did we learn anything new on Tuesday? Other than the fact that they were counting down to The Reichenbach Fall rerun, nope. And yes, this is where I would have made a full deduction on the possibility of getting a trailer or something really big on Friday. Am I able to do that now? No, since everybody KNOWS that that is what we’ll get tonight.

photo 1Oh, you have no idea. I haven’t had so much fun in my life.

I tried every single possible way to see if these pics had anything hidden within them. It is obvious now that the intro is the one of season 2, meaning that the countdown leads to the end of it. I used a mirror to see if there is anything within the letters, maybe a backwards scroll or Valyrian glyphs. (I just finished A Dance with Dragons. My head is still full of it, pray excuse me…… Damn it.) No success, only some strange glances from my parents.

photo 4

Wonder what. They’ve owed us more than hints. They owed us some apologies as well. They are counting down to the Reichenbach Fall. It will soon start.

And what comes after The End?

A New Beginning.

My bet on tonight is not a trailer. It can’t be, since they haven’t even finished filming the last episode.

My bet is on The Fall.


This is by all means the silhouette, but not the real Sherlock. The readers of The Empty House will know that SH had a wax figurine made for him. The shadow is too rigid and the way it stands in the doorway is wrong. A glimpse inside the first episode…

Mr. Magnussen told us the clue will be during/after the episode. BBC One teased us and told us we should watch till the very end. Until the very end. When Sherlock looks over John and his own fake grave.

I’ll bet you, here and now, that we will see Sherlock getting up, saying something and a flashback to his rescue. His return to Baker Street during a silent night. I can bet on it. Trailers never come up right after a film’s end. A new scene might.

And, remember. They have delayed the release of this episode. And we know it from Season 2 that they continue the last scene of the previous season. It is so simple to take place. They don’t even have to spoil how Sherlock faked his own death. All they have to do is tell us, once again, why he is not dead. Maybe a small talk to himself.

Maybe he’ll meet Mycroft.970846_565137230215845_1384622362_n

We are playing, dear Mr. Moffat. We are playing. And we are winning for ourselves.

Hunt some clues for me, dearies. BBC is not my best friend, since I don’t have it on my computer. Have fun.

The Hunt is On!


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