The Comic-Flight Prices

That is more sass than I usually do, but then again, I did lose one of the best Comic Con panels ever, just because a flight ticket to bloody San Diego costs more than I make in a year. Sherlockology and my new best friend, Twitter, were there however and were able to give more than a glimpse to what Sherlock Season 3 will bring us.

sdcc2013 (1)The most important piece of news. SHERLOCK’S NOT RETIRING!!! Despite not having an official confirmation, they said it all relies on how much time Ben and Martin have and that BBC is trying to recommission the series for a fourth season. That means that tonight’s word cannot be LAST! Even if the letter that just came in is L.

Moffat. Gatiss. Verture. The ultimate BBC trio. They could tear the world in half and put it back together if they want it and we’d let them, because they’d make one hell of a show.

photo (32)The panel seemed to have had an electric audience. 4000 fans gathered in the great Comic Con Hall and we’re treated with some very unique pieces of information. They were the first outsiders to view a yet uncut scene from “The Sign of Three” which, as it was obvious, shall follow John Watson’s wedding. The scene has John ask of Sherlock to be his best man. Contain your “Awwwwww”s, that scene apparently contained a massive deduction about the nature of the human soul and an awkward thanks from the designated groom companion.

As for episode 3, a short interview with Ben before his flight to Ibiza took off revealed that the third will be brilliant. Not to enter Cabin Pressure copyright, but that episode is written by Moffat, Ben loves it. He didn’t appear to suggest an end (or maybe it’s just my mind that is delusional).

We’ll be getting new Sherlock merchandise by the end of this year, since they finally figured out that people would sell their furniture for some “I O U” T-shirts. Also, Steven sent a tweet with the frustrating words “You’ll be watching the end of the last episode going They wouldn’t stop it there, would they?” I’ll strangle his laptop in his sleep if he dares do that.

photo (34)To counter my reaction, they released a clip featuring Martin, in his full Bilbo costume, and Ben, in his casual real-to-actor state, sending their wishes to the Comiconers. Mr. Freeman told us to look after the two deranged and slightly sadistic (and utterly brilliant) writers and to make sure “we rip them and their clothes apart. They really like that” He shared his regrets for not being able to be there and once again confirmed that he loves Sherlock and won’t let it go so easily.

Benedict on the other hand… Being an actor, he fooled me for half a second, before I realized he was playing with us. A New Zeeland accent impersonation, several movies mentioned, the discovery that television apparently has no power at Comic Con (he found out better, though) and the big finale.


After all that time, we finally found out. Forget everything else. This is what happened.

………………………………………………………………………………. Cabbage………………………………………………………….. Tea…………………………….

photo (33)*We apologize to interrupt this blog, but it has been discovered to contain unreleased data, making this post complete fantasy. Out of pure fan-based principles, they had to be removed. Shut up, Miss Proud, we haven’t broken any teeth. The ringtones underneath are safe, you can use them as you like. You however, Miss, are coming with us. Our Lord Moffat would like a word with you.


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