His Last Vow

I’m too tired even to process what is happening right now.




164417_278094608994977_1256325673_nThat’s it, Moffat. You’ve won. You can now walk over my theories that still kept us afloat. You won. That’s it. I was just playing the game. And this is just losing.

We had it wrong. The clues were never in order. Moffat knew we would do that mistake. He knows us better than we do. He told us the clues, but never said anything about which episode goes with which hint. He actually said they might be misleading us all.

The first episode is Sherlock’s bow. He comes back and raises the curtain. His enemies, Sebastian Moran included, will come after him, they’ll try to secure the locks on his coffin, but nobody can kill Sherlock. Not even himself. He throws on a show and survives and he bows to the audience, because he outsmarted them all. That is his BOW.

The WEDDING is easy. John and Mary, up in a tree, and Sherlock being best man. That will be fun to watch.

But the RAT… Rats are vermin. They hide in the dark and feed on trash. They hide and rarely see the light of the sun. His Last Vow. Sherlock cannot die. Not again. But John can. Or at least receive such a wound as to destroy Sherlock. Maybe a bullet meant for him. Maybe poison. Maybe self destruction. Sherlock will lead to John’s wound or death. And he’ll shout and he’ll cry and he’ll vow not to let anything like that happen, but he’ll retreat. He’ll lock himself up. He’ll become that vulnerable creature he is deep inside. Maybe we’ll find out more about his past. Maybe more about his future.

But it will hurt.

Sherlock-S02E03-The-Reichenbach-Fall-sherlock-on-bbc-one-28354415-624-352I’m so done with deducing titles. I just want my episode. From now on, the hunt is over. The Game is over. We lost the battle, but not the war. Sherlock… We missed you. We love you so much and we miss you so, we feel our hearts will cut themselves to pieces. Come home. Please.

Thank you, other Mr. Guardian, for letting me use twitter and wordpress from this underground library. Will Mr. Moffat come soon? I have something to tell him.


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