Trailer-ish Day

Between two transcriptions and a cousin twice-removed to look after, all I had time to see today were trailers. But thankfully, Dreamworks and Youtube worked in harmony to ease my tired eyes into a more relaxed, not-yet-sleep state.


First, I rejoiced myself with some  Tobuscus songs and some interviews and then this beauty came. I’ve waiting for this movie since I saw the little pic they leaked, but now… Is this some trick to make me beg for school to start? If it is, it’s working.

The Fifth Estate released its first trailer and it’s now obsessing my every thoughts. The music, the scenes, the acting, the lines… It’s been a long time since a movie came to fill my every breath and it feels good to feel busy creatively again. Benedict and his accent will and must pose a threat at the Oscars this year. I’ll love all those who will lose that night.

I could also mention the fact that I finally saw the trailer for “Jobs” and I have to say it look fantastic. Ashton Kutcher may not be the best actor in the world, but he definitely is the best Steve Jobs in the movie world. The script stays accurate to the biography and doesn’t seem to try to make Steve look like the good guy. They are showing him the way he was and I believe that’s a pretty brave thing to do.


Gosh, why must I be so tired?! I so want to talk more about The Fifth Estate, I have so many theories. Blasted exhaustion, go away! I hope you’ll forgive me, but I promise a longer one tomorrow. 🙂

Oh, How To Train Your Dragon 2 came up earlier this week! Another one to look forward to in 2014. Energetic, smart, just as awesome as the first one, but with even better visuals (how do they do that?) and an even cooler music (how is that possible under the laws of Newton, Temple and Arch?).

All that while resting my eyes and ears from law thesis.


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