Stop Inflicting Your Opinions On The World

1013478_142806459252463_1292328833_nEven if he said it, I won’t do it. Yesterday was madness. This morning was even madder. Otherwise how can you explain people camping out in an airport and me watching with the world in my pijamas, with uncombed hair and unfed entrails, as the most perfect vision of a man stepping out of an 11 hour flight came and went? Or the fact that I was laughing like the Hatter, while my family thought I was being histerical?

More on this tomorrow. For I have so much to write to you about and I have so many things to tell you, I really don’t want to spoil it just because I am a tired creature of the dull work world.

In relation to Top Gear (yes, I watched that little piece of British genius) and, more precisely, to what a wonderful FB Sherlock fan-page said, I want to share some more with you. “One more miracle, Sherlock. For me” required a now rather infamous song as a ringtone.

And here you have it.


Yep, that one.

Gosh, the temptation to start talking about Top Gear right here and now is devastating my exhausted little heart. Is there any Benedict-Cumberbatch-addiction in the rehab centers?

tumblr_mpzmkqogAt1rkdwnqo1_500Any hoodles, my goal tonight was to send a message of peace to the world.

….. And my phone just confirmed the title.

So, instead of review, I’ll give you some stuff to hunt your eyes (and ears) after. Just don’t leave your phones open in class, I don’t want you to get in any (more) trouble. Unless your teacher likes to hear a very distinct “Bored….” coming from your direction. Which reminds me..

Right, what comes after Bored. Ah yes, GUN SHOTS!

What would you like now? Alone is what I have, alone protects me? Stop talking out loud? You went on the tube like that? Shake Hands in Hell?

Be my guests! Have them all and more!


Did I make you happy? Did I make up for being absent last night? Of course I did. 🙂

Gosh, almost forgot. Change gear, change gear, change gear, change gear…

Please leave comments! I may be only partially socially capable, but I love talking to people online. 🙂



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