His Not-Yet-Last Bow

Morning/evening/whatever time there is in your country, dear Sherlockians, how are you? *insert Sherly’s voice here.

I’ve calmed down after last night’s depression and have preceded upon discovering the secret maneuvers inside Mr. Moffat’s madly cruel mind. In partnership with Gatiss and the BBC, but mostly him though.

tumblr_mhz6ih8nOc1r9jfw3o1_500As you found out from my caffeine-induced, agitated rant last night, the clue was HIS. For the Sherlock readers, you’ll know that this is very close to the confirmation that the full title will be His Last Bow. For those paying attention, they will see that His is made out of letters from the anagram I suggested in The Title in the Title.

The funny thing is that His is also made out of the initials of the main characters of A Scandal in Belgravia: Hamish, Irene and Sherlock. I don’t know how the letters were revealed, since I don’t have BBC One, but I’ve been checking the time at which @Cumberbatch_Fr has posted the clues and my guesses are these.

  • H is for Highness (first 15 minutes, all right here).
  • I is for Ice-man (posted close to what I calculated to be the end)
  • S must be for Sherlock, since he is the beginning and the end of every title.

Apparently they were highlighted as they appeared on screen. The titles were the subtitles and it looks as if the titles I had considered in my assumptions have proven right as well. YES! Oh, it’s Christmas!

However, the following titles will bring more sadness. Or maybe even hope.

GhostWe’ll make blankets from our tears and unfortunately I’ll provide you with some threads from now. This is the first time that the BBC has done a game like this. All these riddles are uncharacteristic to a business as serious as this. Shows like these usually happen before final seasons. They want to make the last months worth it. They want to give depth to the last episode. They… They want to see us happy and hopeful for a while longer.

And to provide some extra audience for reruns.

1016176_483368711749581_1077885880_nMoffat promised a frustrating cliffhanger and a finale is the most frustrating thing you’ll ever encounter. However, he has never left a riddle unsolved. I beg that his genius will crave for the audience and he will grant us a new season even for that simple reason. I trust him on this. As soon as photos from episode 3’s shooting will appear, I’ll let you know what my newest theories are.

Back to work.

Since Bow will be the obvious last word of the title, I’ve looked at the titles which contain the letters associated.

  • B is for Brook, the alias which has ruined Sherlock’s image
  • O is from IOU, which was written separately in the subtitles
  • W is for Watson, who ends up suffering the most after that episode

In Hounds however, we don’t know what titles to look at, which names or how many. We don’t know how it should look like, what it should say or what I should be looking for. Following what happened in this episode, I’d say we should look at names again. However, there are too few vowels. You can’t make a word with no vowels and perhaps UMQRA won’t be considered part of the highlightable words. We still have IN though and perhaps…

Look at me

Oh no… I think… I’m not sure… And I have no idea where some of the letters will come, but… FIRST. His First Bow. Not his last, his First.

  • F for Frankland
  • I for In
  • R and T I’m not sure, they might just be the beginning of sentences, even if it can’t be that random. Maybe Russel Tovey? RoT again? Apparently, this will remain my favourite theory
  • S for Stapleton

Godtiss and Arch, if this proves true, call me Sherlock and strap me to a train for London.


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