Never Say It Again


S2E2_sherlock-in-blue-robe-with-harpoon-600x337Not all of it, but the big and important part of my blogging life was dedicated to the secret title of the third episode of Sherlock S3. I had spent so much time trying to figure it out, I tried so hard, only to realize that I may be totally and completely wrong in some just because I MISUNDERSTOOD THE BLOODY GRAMMAR!

What do you understand by “15 minutes IN”? Does the respective action take place during the first 15 minutes of film or AFTER them?

Dickens beats me here. The clue will be revealed DURING the first 15 freaking minutes. Which are already on in England. And I can’t watch them. Cause I have no bloody British connection. My next call tomorrow morning: TV solicitors

And we go back to thinking of the Title’s In the Titles. Words in the intro. Words on the screen. Things that look like something you could put in a title and force fans out of their already mad minds.

I made a list of every single word that appears on screen and every single phrase that sounds like a title.

Sherlock-BBC-Series-2-Episode-3-The-Reichenbach-Fall-6-550x366Your Highness, considering the way Irene says it, is obviously a title. Next, we have the names of John’s blog posts: Life Goes On, Geek Interpreter, The Speckled Blonde, Sherlock Holmes Baffled, Belly Button Murders, The Navel Treatments. Is there anything we can pick from here? Your and Life goes on sound like good titles for season 3 (especially the latter).

The media took their toll on figuring out headlines that don’t include Benedict Cumberbatch in them. The Web Detectives, Sherlock Net Tec, Blogger Detective and Net Phenomenon would have had us buying the newspapers without a second glance, but alas, they exist just in our overly functioning imaginations and fandoms, so we shall never have them as definite objects in our hands.

Moving on to written words, here you have all of Sherlock’s deductions and the editor’s brilliant work. 14 hours earlier, Suit: 700 pounds, Unarmed, Manicured, Office worker, Right handed, Indoor worker, Small Dog, Two small dogs, Three small dogs.

So what? Was the word Right? Was it Web, was it office, was it…? AAAAHHH, the uncertainty is killing me. Not even BBC Radio 2’s brilliant music can’t calm me. I’m on three social networks and on google, trying to check if people have reacted in any way. And apparently, NOBODY HAS!! Come on, Sherlockians, where is your spirit of action? Where is your need to know more and share? Where is your sense of comunity? I have no access to the bloody iPlayer, I am relying completely on what the others will see and tell.

11228780zjYou’d better not disappoint me.

A rotten bow, a rotten bow, a rotten bow, rat, wedding, bow, right, office, woman, car, hour, rat, wedding, bow…… REICHENBACH!


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