Moffat, you…. MOFFAT!!!

photo (4)HIS!!! THE CLUE IS HIS! We have a letter H, a letter I and we’ll soon get the S in SH. This is it.

The final proof that Moffat will ruin our hopes and dreams and heads. His Last Bow will happen. If he dares end the series, he’ll get more than hate mail. He’ll get….. Too many bad things. Too late. Too cruel.

AH, MY HEAD! Move, all you Sherlockians! I’m tracking movements on the Internet! Talk, share, pay attention, good God! This might be the last season of Sherlock we’ll ever get and you look at other stuff? What is wrong with you?

What we learned from tonight? They will release letters. How, I will find out tomorrow morning, but for the moment, think of what we might hunt in The Hounds of Baskerville. I have a feeling it will be a mighty search.

Keep up the good work, lads and lassies. The Game is On!


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