The Last Stand

My final theory. My absolute most desperate version of what will happen on Friday. All other hope is fading. So we return to what only the BBC can add.

They mentioned titles, they mentioned that the word will be released 15 minutes into the episode and they also said that the episodes were not modified! How can you add something without adding it?

Obvious. You add it where you always add something. What makes BBC broadcasts unique from the DVD version? The ending credits. At the end, a nice man/woman with a nice voice remembers us that there is life outside Sherlock, by mentioning more or less boring programs, such as movies, TV shows, like the Graham Norton Show or just the dear old BBC News. Somebody has to find out who killed who in no time, right?

photo (11)

Why I do believe this to be the real answer to our problem? Wimbledon.

Most of you thought it to be a curse, but for a theory like mine, it actually shows that I am right.

If you want to hide a clue in the ending credits, the best place to do that is within the title of the following program. What goes after Sherlock every single Friday?

photo (10)BBC News.

Since they delayed the rerun of A Scandal in Belgravia, that means they could allow themselves to post the same thing a week later. Meaning that the show that follows will be the same. Meaning that the change will not affect the work. Meaning I am right.

To an extent.

The schedule for next week has not been posted, so I cannot check what the shows after The Hound of Baskerville and The Reichenbach Fall will be. Depending on the importance of the following shows, they will only describe the ones on BBC One. However, they might also add the ones on BBC Two and that’s where it might get interesting, because at that hour, movies are aired and where there are movies, there are titles of all sorts.

tumblr_mc8z5mqw751r7oamyMy real question is how are they going to highlight the damn word?

Will they give us 3D glasses? Fluorescent messages you will only be able to see if your room is in total darkness? I’ve thought about them. But it raises difficulties technically. I don’t know if they can slip something just through visual work. It could be very hard (better said expensive) to make something like this and, unless they advertise it properly, most people will miss it. Unless you usually watch TV with Google glasses.

So what else might we look at? The speeches?

What can they slip within them at the end of each Sherlock episode?

Well, the lads talking have more words escaping their invisible mouths than just titles. They also have short words of praise for Sherlock and/or about the following show. However, those are not titles. They keep killing us with Titles. That means ordinary words, like the ones in “What a wonderful show! Next, on BBC Two, we shall have the movie Neverwhere…” will not be included, the only exception making the name of the movie.

“What now?” you may ask. “The anagram went nowhere, the hints brought no more light and now you say that not even the ending credits hold no source of joy, only of sorrow?” Well… Yeah.

Two minutes ago, while I was watching the ending credits for Baskerville, hunting for some clues, I considered the idea of the title being hidden among the titles of the crew. Producer, Double, Stunt Double, Crew, Titles Coordinator, Director, Writer… None of them however could make out a proper title for a Sherlock episode.

I ask myself. “What now?”

tumblr_m8b3y6eOc91rtkcxwo1_500We shall do the dull, boring, predictable activity of waiting. My theories are not done yet and I will work on them and see what Moffat may have let slip through an interview (highly unlikely). My bet is still on The Rotten Bow. If I win, I’ll buy you all rounds of Moriar Tea when I come to England. Speedy’s would be a nice place for a meeting, wouldn’t you say?

It’s also a nice quiet place for a spy.

Last one to Sherlock is a sissy!


2 thoughts on “The Last Stand

  1. Didn’t they say that it would be in the first 15 minutes though? Then it can’t be in the credits.
    I was thinking more about the advert breaks. They’re roughly in the first 15 minutes and they could be used to add information without modifying the episodes themselves.
    Or maybe the small 5 seconds before and after a break where it says ‘Now playing BBC Sherlock’.
    Would they put the clues in that part where people would have to look out for it? Maybe those could be counted as ‘titles’ as well.
    This is just my hypothesis…but I would be grateful for your input.
    (These blogs are great by the way)

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