Here to see the Queen?

Murray won! Hurray! It was about time the British nation had their 21st century champion. Chances are Mycroft would have had a word with the secret service that truly does exist, if odds were no longer their favour.

But back to the game. That’s all there is and that’s what all Sherlockians have thought of these past two days. So… The Title’s In the Titles. But what titles could we mean?

tumblr_lx93vmdCDd1r5vmnco1_500Well, dear BBC, you have said that the first word shall be revealed after the first 15 minutes of A Scandal In Belgravia. That moment captures the beautifully sweet and fun and adorable scene with Sherlock in a sheet in Buckingham Palace. John fights his impulses to steal ashtrays and he forgets his pants.

Have you noticed that in this particular scene, every single character gets a titleDoctor John Watson, The Queen inside Mycroft, Mr. Holmes the Younger. Harry is no important character, so we may jump past his lack of additional names.

The BBC teased us with which titles are to be the true ones and since the reveal takes place late in the episode, the opening ones may be eliminated. What other titles may we find within the episode? Buckingham Palace, The Very Heart of the British Nation. Hat-man and Robin. The Woman. The Iceman and The Virgin. Titles within the episode. Well played, Moffat, well played.

We go back to yesterday’s reasoning. There has to be at least one episode per season that start with “A” and one has to contain “in”. Versions? A Virgin Doctor? A Woman in the heart of the British Nation?

Which words make more sense with the concept of Bow? Honestly, “The Younger” seems the best bet. It may not be the first word, but I’m not sure if they mentioned the order as part of the rules. The Younger Bow? The Younger Genius?

tumblr_m875jt2cuz1rwhkizo1_500Because let’s look at the other episodes. We have The Hound. Sherlock. IOU. The Angel. The Demon. Fake Genius. Considering the way Moriarty says You’re Me, I shall consider Me as part of the list as well.

Mix ’em all together and you get The Younger Fake Bow… Yeah… Not much help this time.

If there are any other potential titles I have missed, please let me know. We’ll figure out a way of working from there.

I’ve written this though to get you thinking. I hope you shall.


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