The Title in the Title

Wimbledon got in the way, so theories will have one more week to fly free. We will forgive the BBC out of respect for the men who have trained for years to get their chance to play on the renowned stadium… Or not.

I’m no big tennis fan, but I shall take this prolonged time to share my own ideas on how we should interpret the clues that the evil Masterminds behind their little Marketing desks have let out in the world. They said they shall release the title during the episode, but hell, I’m not sure I believe them.

photo (9)

My suspicions came from the peculiar nature of the main clue. The Title’s in the Titles. The length of a tweet is the infamous 140 characters. This tweet is 138. When you still have two more characters to spare, why shorten the verb? Why create a homophone, a rather distracting homophone in my opinion, just for the sake of not using all the characters available?

Why? Because I believe they might hint at something like this. The Titles in the Titles. The names within the names. The dream within a dream.

There, that’s my big theory. Not so surprising, but we might get somewhere. So… Which titles are hidden within the titles of Sherlock season 2?

The S2 clues were these: The Woman, The Hound, The Fall. All indicated the well known stories, which received only slightly altered titles. A Scandal in Bohemia became A Scandal in Belgravia, The Hound became The Hounds of Baskerville. It was the third title that was completely changed. From The Final Problem to The Reichenbach Fall. There is a difference, even though it broke our hearts anyway.

This year’s teasers are: Rat, Wedding, Bow. His Last Bow can have multiple translations into a new title, from Becoming a Beekeeper to The Spy Who came from the Cold. The conclusion of the last Bow story is Sherlock’s retirement. That much for a cliffhanger. However, Moffat promised “a cliffhanger that will leave fans as frustrated as they ever were”, which means that, despite all the bad blood that will boil in us, we will get our rewards. Which promises a new season. Which means Benedict’s prediction will come true. Which means Sherlock won’t get gouty and old yet.

sherlock-hound-computerSo what titles hide within the titles? My guess is anagrams. Take the first letters of each episode of season 2 and you’ll get a weird phrase: ASIBTHOBTRF. Also quite unreadable. However, let’s look at the two released titles.

The Empty Hearse ~~~ The Blind Banker, The Great Game, The Reichenbach Fall

The Sign of Three ~~~ The Hounds of Baskerville

We know from the other seasons that there has to be at least one episode that start with “A” as in A Study in Pink and A Scandal in Belgravia, so this third one has to start with A as well. Then, it should also be a 3-words title. If we follow their line of thought in the writing of titles, that’s what they’ll probably do.

Since I am a desperate Sherlockian, I also turned to the number of letters of each title. So far, season 3 has only 14-letters titles. The others maintained no order in their numbering. I’m not sure if it will mean something, but our anagram only has 11 letters. If you were to add a “the”, you would get 14. I’ll leave this part of it open for interpretation.

My solving of the anagram led to these mad little fellows:

  • ROT OF THR….

I read an anagram online solver which wasn’t very useful, unless the words BOAT, HOBBIT and PIT make any sense.

Another trace might lie in the meaning of each word and the consequences on Sherlock and the plot.

What did the Woman and the Hound do to Sherlock? They started breaking his fragile protection and exposing the damaged soul within. Both led to his Fall.

SadnessWhat is a Rat? A vermin, something that feeds on garbage, rotten things and corpses. What is a Wedding for Sherlock? It’s sentiment, it’s a break from work and what happens without work? My brain rots. I think it’s fair to say that one word of the title will be Rot.

Since in the Reichenbach episode, the teaser word was added to the title, another fair guess would be to add Bow.

So what do we have for now? A. Rot. Bow.

A Rotten Bow.

Another fake death, a fake retirement, the Mary Morstan plot will get a real arrow in the knee?

We’ll see.


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