The Adventure of the Hidden Title

The BBC is a very smart company. If you hadn’t figured that out by now, then their plans of growing their audience for tonight’s rerun of A Scandal in Belgravia (as if that was necessary) proves it. They are very much aware of the impact that season 3 has on the fans and of the hunger for more information concerning the third episode of the in-production series, so they shall exploit it at its maximum.

Sherlock-Series-Trailer-BBC-One-What did they do?

The title’s in the title. That’s how they teased our tortured fanhearts. Apparently, during tonight’s show, a word will be released, under yet unknown circumstances, which will lead us to the title of the final episode of season 3. Every week, we will be able to discover one more word or letter or Gatiss knows what hints or tricks they’ll have fun playing. But it is a decided thing that the title shall be released in this unique fashion.

Why do we care so much?

After all, we could just wait and read it nicely on our twitters or emails when it appears and then stop bothering until the episode is released. Yeah… Right. I’ll let the tediously boring people do that.

Firstly, we are fans (fangirls, especially) and the more there is to know, the more we crave.

And second, Moffat has kept his promise of being a complete troll and worries are starting to arise as to whether or not the series will continue. What were the teasers again? Rat, Wedding, Bow. Each corresponds to their respective episodes. While the first two raise only minor questions – please note the sarcasm – the third one has brought a nation to its knees and sherlockians to their breaking points.

Why? His Last Bow! That’s why! The last Sherlock Holmes story Conan Doyle ever wrote! The. Last. One! Do you get the picture here? All of Twitter’s horses and all of Tumblr’s men couldn’t put our hearts together again if this proves true.

originalWe could of course riot. Londoners did that after The Final Problem was published and Conan Doyle was forced to bring Sherlock back. It worked then. Why not now, when we have so many more means of communication, in order to command a full-time revolution. The BBC will be desperate to keep this show going, so we can count on them. But what do we do about Moffat and Gatiss? Their loyalty to Doyle’s legacy will hunt them forever. But we won’t be that subtle. And Steven will still be a troll, feeding on our tears with the pleasure of a raven finding a corpse. Aaaaaand… Following the huge success and demand of our two beloved stars, Benedict and Martin, who forced the whole filming schedule of Sherlock into alteration, this season might be, to our greatest dismay, the very last one.

Slap me and call me wrong, I’d give my ticket to Comic Con for it to be wrong!

Tonight and for every night and all, all of you British citizens, with a blessed connection and access to dear BBC, shall have a tremendous task of figuring out the first word of the title. The clues are:

  • The title’s in the titles. Keep that in mind.
  • It will appear about 15 minutes into the episode.
  • 786262-low_res-sherlockThere were NO modifications made to the episode whatsoever. It is identical to our copies on DVD or on our computers. So you have to look at something else, more than just images and floating words. The UK broadcast is unique. Pay very close attention. I taught you yesterday how to observe. Use it.
  • It might be a letter or a full word.

The title’s in the titles.


6 thoughts on “The Adventure of the Hidden Title

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